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We are open Monday-Thursday 4:00-8:00 pm 

Registration must be done in PERSON.

Fall Session begins September 5, 2023
Recreation Performing Classes
Christmas and Spring Performance
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Jazz Line Program (Company Prep)

Christmas and Spring Performance plus one competition in the Spring
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Tumbling Only

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Drop In Classes

$10 per class
Dancers who are on a high school Drill or dance team $8
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Tuition Prices

Monthly tuition is based on the number of hours taken per week for instruction. Monthly tuition is figured by averaging four weeks per month.

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Additionals Fees


Registration Fee: $40 new students/$30 for returning students/$50 Family. This is due annually at time of registration. 


Concert Fees: $60 per dancer/$100 per family with multiple dancers. Concert fees cover expenses such as building rental, ushers, insurance, janitorial, admission for family and friends.


 Concert Costumes: $60 per dancer per class ($55 for Doodlebugs). Students are required to purchase a concert costume for each performing class they are registered for. 


Tuition Discounts

*$5.00 discount available after the first child.

*$25 for all  Boy Power Classes 

*All Busy Bee Preschool students who participate in Ladybugs Boy/Power will receive 20% off Ladybugs/Boy Power tuition.

*All Preschool students who participate in Ladybugs/Boy Power do not need to pay the dance registration fee.


Class Uniform Prices

All Class Uniforms/Shoes/Tights must be purchased through Elite Academy

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