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Elite Academy Referral Program

It is with great pride & gratitude that we can say the majority of our students at Elite Academy have come to us through "word-of-mouth" referrals.  Because of this, our program is now thriving with full classes year after year!


We truly appreciate these referrals as well as what it says about our teachers & our many programs.  We have hoped to find an appropriate way to say "thank you" to our current families for sharing their positive experiences & passing the word along to friends, relatives, & co-workers.


As a gesture of appreciation, we have implemented a referral program for our current families attending Elite Academy. 


  • Our referral program will offer a $10 credit for you AND the person you referred!

  • The referral credit will be credited to both of your accounts after your referral has registered.

  • There is no limit to the number of referrals you may get!  Just think of the possibilities; if you organize your own "referral group," your lessons could possibly be FREE!


  • Referred student must be NEW to Elite Academy & not previously a part of one of our programs.

  • A referral card must be filled out by the person making the referral, (please come in & fill one out at the front desk). 

  • The referral program is per account. If we receive the same referral from multiple students we will credit the first one received.

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