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Welcome to our parents corner!

TUITION: Tuition is due on the 1st of the month. Late fee charges are invoiced on the 11th of each month and every 10 days until your account is paid. If you are unable to make a payment and you know you wont be able to pay by the 10th please let the Elite Academy office manager know ASAP. Dancer's will not be allowed to participate in class if we do not receive payment in full by the 15th of the month. This includes all concerts and dance competitions.


CLASS WITHDRAWL: Parents must submit an add/drop form or send an email to the Elite Academy Office Manager before the 1st day of the next month to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle. If you do not fill out an add/drop form you will be responsible for monthly tuition until the form has been filled out. There are NO refunds for partial attendance.


ORDERING MERCHANDISE: A merchandise form must be filled out if your child needs attire ordered. Merchandise will not be ordered until payment is received.


ELITE ACADEMY PROPERTY: Elite Academy property, including the building, will be treated with respect by students and parents. Disrespectful and disruptive behavior is not tolerated. All students and parents must remain quietly in the waiting area until an Elite Academy staff member escorts the students to class. All food and beverages must be disposed of properly and not left in the waiting areas. Students and parents are not to loiter in the hallways. No running, yelling, or horseplay allowed.


LOST & FOUND: Elite Academy is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Any item left after hours will be placed in the lost and found in the locker room.

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